A Regal Affair

A Regal Affair 

2nd – 3rd June

The Royal Guards are coming to The Chimes to oversee the Competitive Corgi Races and train up a new generation of guards.

Learn with the Queen’s best Royal Guards how to march to the beat of a Jubilee Drum, practice the ancient art of the changing of the Guards and  stay super seriously straight faced in the face of some very funny faces.

Training sessions are 20 minutes long and start at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm

We also have Mrs Ascottie-Dogg and Tamara Goodwoof at the Competitive Corgi Races, giving a running commentary as the royal rovers rush to the finish line, so get your flags ready to wave the winner over the line.

Did we mention it’s FREE? . . . .

Don’t miss your chance to become a certified Royal Guard Graduate – oh and get to your graduation celebration by racing the Royal corgis

(Royal Guard Training places are limited so come down early to secure your spot)”

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